Thesis Proposal: Inexorable Potentials

The Revolution Will Not Be Taylorized


The following is a proposal for the explorations during the summer research phase. This proposal is the starting point from which we will formulate our architectural hypotheses. In general it’s a statement of personal interests and thinkings on the state and future of architecture. I have the great fortune to be in Professor Thom Faulders‘ thesis group whose focus will be on “versatility”. I am eager and excited to begin delving into the possibilities of this proposal.

Our buildings are inherently obstinate. Our building materials have low-intelligence and our built spaces are literally dumb: they cannot respond to our fluctuating desires. However, fantastic new production technologies will inevitably change this, along with the presupposed frameworks of capitalism, politics, and society. For at their root these technologies possess untapped potentials for synergy. Our lives are run, determined, and optimized by algorithms, both proprietary and open-source. At the moment homespun rapid-prototyping or…

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